United States of America

Allies of Israel

Ah, the US. The biggest ‘man’ of the conflict. You can’t have an I/P discussion with the US. They lengthen the conflict to great heights, and it’s all because of their funding. Without it, Israel wouldn’t be the strong, Western-influenced advanced country that it is. Without it, it wouldn’t also be the ridiculous, Nazi-influenced terrorist state that it is. The main reason for this is foreign military aid. Israel gets more of it than any other country. As of 2010, the money that is given to Israel as military aid is seven million dollars, daily.

“Israel has no more loyal friend than the United States. We couldn’t have done it without her.” – Yitzhak Rabin

Since 1948, Israel has been given more than $100 trillion in aid. All of that adds up to its debt and strain on the economy. So why is the United States so desperate to clang onto Israel’s balls? The answer is simple. Israel is a small state governed by terrorists (Hamas). If there was no aid to be given to Israel, then their military would be deteriorating. This would eventually lead to the demolishment of Israel – or so the Zionazis say. If support from the United States is vital, then how can’t Israel not join forces like NATO? Why can’t they get indirect support from other allies? Or, this is the most important one, why can’t they not abuse their power?
The United States is very positive on everything Israel do. They supported a creation of a Jewish state and want Israel to be a Jewish country only (and no Muslim minority). After Israel gained its bloody independence, the United States recognised Israel in eleven minutes.
Why do the US think it’s so vital for Israel to have an independent state? Is it the Holocaust? Is it to piss enemies off? Well, it’s a bit of both sides, but it’s mostly because of Christian beliefs. That’s right. Anybody who says the I/P conflict has nothing to do with religion should smack themselves upside down.

“God will kill everyone that claps his hands or stamps his feet “against the land of Israel.” When he’s done with the killing everyone will know that he is the Lord.” – Ezekiel 25, 6-17

76% of the United States is Christian. Ironically, 76% of Israel is Jewish. 2% of the United States is Jewish. Well, you look at that. 2% of Israel is Christian. The Jewish-Christian relationship is very odd, but it’s strong, and it would lead to religious relations between the nations. But hang on, the United States isn’t a Christian country! But Israel is a Jewish country. Nevertheless, support for Israel in the United States is extremely popular in the civilian crowd. In 2006, when the Lebanon War was all around the place, thousands gave support for Israel. A poll revealed that 55% of the American population was for Israel. In 2008-2009, during the Gaza War, things got a bit steeper, as only 40-50% supported Israel. As for 2010, support for Israel is now around 60%.

Oh, not to mention the USS Liberty incident.

To be continued.

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