Delays? Noooo!


That’s right. No more will you get daily updates. Why? Studying, deeper analysis on political conflicts (I tried looking into the Serbian-Bosnia / Kosovo conflict, but that’s way to depressing and hard to get into), mainly I/P, however, bringing up projects like Israheil!, playing lots of games, etc etc.

Don’t worry, though. EOP is still planning to give updates every week, whenever possible, especially weekends.


‘Israheil’ project on hold


It was difficult trying to find a suitable theme, create a logo, and set everything up neatly. I’m picky like that. The About page is finished. If you still want to find it, it’s here.

We’re on Palestine Blogs!


Palestine Blogs

Blog #320. Good news and it’ll hopefully help our small blog spring upwards into communication and news arounf the centre of Palestine. In other news, me and the blogger of soon to come database Israheil will be under communication, so look around for that.

New Computer!


That, what you’re looking above, is the case to my new PC. Just came in while I was sick. Had some trouble with the graphics card, then I realised I needed a HDMI cable. Silly me. Here are the specs;

AMD X4 965 (3.6gHz)
ATI Radeon 5770
NZXT M59 Case
850W Seasonic-X

Obviously, it’s meant to be used for PC gaming. This will slow down blog posts a lot, but I’ll still see if I can update the site every day. I’m just enjoying 60fps with Left 4 Dead 2, that’s all.