About The Blog

Eyes of Palestine is nothing but your usual pro-Palestinian blog. Packed with all the information about Zionists you would want and formatted into a version that combines with the dumbassness of Islamophobes (read; Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch, Daniel Pipes and “Eurabia”). Here were reveal to you the total atrocities of Israhell, assisted by the wacky-go-right center of Merika, as they both go on Operation ‘Apartheid’ – aka, the Israel-Palestine conflict.

While on your journey to Eyes of Palestine, expect to hear how Israel is Nazi Germany 2.0: Zionist Expansion Pack, that critics of Islam are as paranoid as anti-semitic conspirancy theorists, that Zionazis like to scream ‘anti-semitism’ anytime their beautiful apartheid country is criticized (I’m looking at you, ADL), existance that there were Jewish terrorists, ramblings on pro-Israel bias, that rightists’ childish claims can be defeated by using their stratergies, that neocons eat little babies, and a bunch of stuff about the Middle East.

WordPress may suck, but we will be travelling to the Typepad place once in a while, so hold on to your seat. While on the ride, get ready to enjoy a huge fest of Israeli atrocities, dumb Islamophobes, peace mongers and neoconservative trash – pull on your keffiyeh, get out the halal lamb, switch on the al-Jazeera channel, we’re gonna go into the muck that is Israhell.

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About the Main Blogger

For security and other reasons, I prefer to keep my identity quiet.
I’m an Arab-American atheist who has spent years researching into the I/P conflict. I believe that Israel, while a good country to live, is plagued by Zionism, which destroys the peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Now of course, I’m no terrorist, Hamas can suck on my balls to be pretty honest, but zionists need to learn that their believes are the reason why the conflict is burning, and that they are the ones responsable for not dealing with it properly.
That’s it. Don’t call me anti-semitic, a Nazi, a terrorist supporter (supporting Palestine does not mean supporting Hamas), and a commie. If you want to settle with me, contact me and fight like a man.


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