Merika – “Waah!”, scream Zionists, as ‘I.S.R.A.E.L’ game is put up on Comedy Central website

(Yes, I feel dirty by posting an Atlas Shrugs link).

By now you must have seen the story going viral about Comedy Central’s vile anti-Israel war game: Israel Attacks.

Just for knowing, Atlas had it last month. First, as usual.

Read Atlas regularly — stay ahead of the news while everyone else plays catch-up.

The Comedy Central website has created an anti-semitically named game there called “I.S.R.A.E.L. Attacks,” in which a murderous robot called Israel is called upon to wipe out every cartoon character on the show.

While the creators of South Park are free speech warriors, their network is hard at work at the stealth jihad. Here is the direct link to the game. Watch the little movie before the game starts — the evil mastermind wants all the “drawn together” characters killed, and Israel is going to it.

Maybe Comedy Central isn’t actually as passive in their pro-Islam behavior as first thought, and their attitude towards mohammad is not actually the disease but just a symptom.

TL;DR, more bitching from pro-Israelis. Apparently putting the name ‘ISRAEL’ is extremely offensive, whereas mocking deaths in Palestine isn’t (remember, that’s free speech!). There’s even an entire Facebook group to stop it. Most suggest stop watching the thing as a boycott, and calling the guys who censored Mohammed ‘dhimmis’.
Good luck with that! I’ll be sure to give Comedy Central some donations, Zionazis.

edit: GJ LF


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