UK – Conservatives attack Israel, promises not to spend money on ‘stupid wars’

That’s the Tories in Blackburn, to be precise, where the campaign of Conservative candidate Michael Law-Riding has circulated a pamphlet in the seat’s Asian areas packed full of statements that defy the party’s official policy. It’s printed on a side of A4 under the headline “Labour shows its true colours” and challenges Labour’s claim to serve the Muslim vote. It says:

“We cannot be deceived by their hollow claims. We have in front of us a whole saga of atrocities committed in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine and as if this was not enough, the Labour government allowed the Israeli government to create havoc in Lebanon and Gaza in Palestine, destroying their infrastructure and killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians. The Labour government did nothing, absolutely nothing for a number of days while the Israelis carried on their inhuman killing of innocent men, women and children.”

It accuses Jack Straw, who is the MP for Blackburn, of insulting “our religion and culture and…our sisters and mothers” by refusing to hold meetings with women constituents wearing a full veil. “We should not forget that today they are criticising our women’s(sic) veil, tomorrow it will be ou caps and our beards they will attack,” the pamphlet declares.

It goes on to urge a vote for Mr Law-Riding ‘if you want to see an en to unnecessary and very expensive wars, shedding of innocent blood and save Britain from bankruptcy.”

The Guardian has an account of the pamphlet here, which reports CCHQ saying the pamphlet was not sanctioned centrally (no kidding) and has been ordered removed.

My report on Mr Straw’s campaign – and his sympathy for white voters ‘disturbed’ by the impact of immigration – is here.

Looks like the Lib Dems aren’t the only anti-semites  (wink wink) trying to fight against Israel. Show the anti-British rats whose right.


2 Responses to UK – Conservatives attack Israel, promises not to spend money on ‘stupid wars’

  1. Concerned Uprooted Jordanian says:

    That’s why I’m a proud Tory voter.

  2. George Carty says:

    I wonder if the Tories nicked the idea from MPAC UK? (Who had run an anti-Jack-Straw leafleting campaign in the previous election…

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