Palestine – Maltese woman shot during Palestine protests

A 28-year-old Maltese woman, Bianca Zammit, had a very close brush with death yesterday morning during a pro-Palestinian demonstration, when she was shot in the left thigh by Israeli forces near the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in Deir Al-Balah in central Gaza.

Ms Zammit was shot while filming the demonstration at a distance of roughly 100 meters from a fence separating the Palestinian territory from Israel, where Israeli soldiers were positioned.

Speaking to The Malta Independent on Sunday yesterday evening, Ms Zammit said she had been “really lucky” in that the bullet had entered the flesh of her thigh and had not struck the bone, which would have resulted in a far worse injury.

As matters stand, doctors have told her she should be able to walk again in a week’s time.

Sounding calm, cool and collected despite what must have been quite an ordeal, Ms Zammit said yesterday’s experience had not deterred her in the slightest and that she would remain in Palestine to continue peacefully demonstrating in support of the rights of the Palestinian people.

While Ms Zammit should be back on her feet again by next week, one of her companions was not so lucky. Hind Al Akra, 22, was shot in the stomach and at the time of speaking to Ms Zammit he was still undergoing emergency surgery and his condition was said to be serious. Another demonstrator, Nidal Al Naji, 18, was shot in the right thigh.

“It was totally amazing,” Ms Zammit recounts. “The demonstration was 100 per cent peaceful. We were simply walking with Palestinian flags on Palestinian land, the same as is done every two to three days here.


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