Flashback: anti-Arab Jewish terrorists are American heroes

For those who don’t know who Rubin is, I can’t blame you, and I apologize to refering him to you – he was a key member of the JDL, and, following the steps of JDL member Baruch Goldstein, who killed 29 Arabs in Hebron in 1994, him, and Earl Krugel, tried to blow up a mosque and kill Darrell Issa a month after 9/11. Although the former is obviously Islamophobia, the latter is pure anti-Arab racism – Issa was a Christian Arab. He commited suicide while on trial, while Earl Krugel got killed by a Nazi in prison (you know you’re fucked when you’re placed 20 years in a Southern prison and you’re Jewish).

This is Rubin’s grave.

This isn’t in Israel, either. This is in California.

If we captured an Arab or Islamic terrorist in America and killed him in Gitmo, would we put a headstone and call him an ‘American hero’? Obviously not. So why does a Jewish terrorist who did literally the same thing get praised in a public cemetary?

This is just trash. Why, America?


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