Merika – Jews approve of Obama’s stance on Israel

Despite claims that that Israelis are wary of U.S. President Barack Obama, a new poll released on Tuesday shows that most American Jews view their leader and his dealings with Israel in a positive light.

According to the 2010 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion, conducted by the American Jewish Committee, 73 percent of American Jews characterize relations between Israel and the U.S. today as “very positive” or “positive.”

In addition to this, 55 percent of American Jews approve of the way the Obama administration is handling U.S.-Israel relations.

In polls quoted in a New York Times article by former American Jewish Congress national director Henry Siegman from a few months prior, Obama is supported by only between 6 to ten percent of the Israeli public.

Oh deary me! How dear that anti-semitic rat, hint hint, destroys Israel. I mean, who cares if making settlements in other people’s land is obviously not going to contribute to peace, he is the anti-Christ, he is unAmerican, etc. Obviously, as Zionists worldwide scream ‘Pallywood’ into a simeotanious reaction, and then probably ‘anti-semitic’, American Jews know what’s the best for the Israelis and Palestinians. They understand peace. And that’s why Judaism kicks ass and Zionism is a peace (oops, i meant piece) of crap that blurs the lies. Oh, and good for Obama.


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