Jawa Report – Or, why rednecks should never use the internet.

G*d f*ck y*u t*o.

Onto my next rant, I’m going to have a beef with the Jawa Report, or, how fucking stupid their followers are. The blog is decent, I must say. Nothing wrong with stopping internet terrorism (or, cyber-jihad), but dear shit-in-a-bottle, the followers are absolutely insane.

Seriously, the immaturity and hostility of these people make Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch look Islam-loving communists. These people are the most insane guys I have yet to see in the world of Islamophobia. Jawackos celebrate over the deaths over Arab news reporters, drool to the Star of David (i am fucking not shitting you, if only their search feature was working), justify nuking of a country (zionazism) and they’re also racist, with many of their users having anti-Arab sentiments or use of the word ‘Paki’.

In the meantime, I’m fixing up the site a bit, making it more cleaner. So stay tuned.


One Response to Jawa Report – Or, why rednecks should never use the internet.

  1. eslaporte says:

    These people are mindless!
    Ask them to produce evidence that Europe is being “islamified” and they’ll call you a paragraph of names and personal insults.

    The reality is that if Geert Wilders and his followers are challenged on their claims – with evidence – they will melt away into obscurity.

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