European Union – Giving €21m to the PNA

The European Union announced on Monday that it provided the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) with 21 million euros to pay the salaries of working and retired civil servants in the West Bank and Gaza.

Christian Burger, the EU representative in Ramallah said in a press release e-mailed to reporters that around 85,000 Palestinian employees would get their salaries for March paid.

“The 21 million Euros are part of a European agreement reached with the Palestinian side to pay 158.5 million euros to the Palestinian National Authority during the year 2010,” said Burger.

According to the European-Palestinian agreement reached in 2008, the EU donations would go in the track that meets the priorities and needs of the PNA plans of reforms and developments.

“The Palestinian National Authority is in need for a stable and guaranteed flow of funds that keeps it existing and fulfilling its commitments towards the Palestinian people,” said Burger.

He called on the members of the joint European-Palestinian Committee, which was established under the joint agreement, to aid the Palestinian people.

The committee will convene on April 13 in Brussels to provide a solid commitment and guarantees to support the budget of the PNA.

This is a good surprise. I just hope most of it goes to Fatah. I’d laugh it’d go to Hamas, the EU would go “shit guys, we funded ze terrorist organization!”


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