The So Called Only Democracy in the Middle East

It’s good to see people like step up to the vermin that is Zionazism.

Gilad Atzmon is a Jewish jazz musician born in Israel. His music is very good and gets positive reviews from many sources. But his prime contribution to the I/P conflict is his anti-Zionist words. He calls himself a ‘Hebrew-speaking Palestinian’ rather an Israeli. Yes, he believes that land of Israel is actually Palestinian land (so much for Palestine deniers). He wishes a one state solution and requests for the Palestinian Right of Return.

Here he is writing about an article of The So Called Democracy of the Middle East:

In Israel, the so called ‘only democracy in the Middle East’, a journalist has been held under house arrest since December for leaking a story of Israeli barbarism. In the Jewish Democracy another prominent Journalist had to run for his life for telling the truth about Israel’s murderous policies and its chief war criminals.

The Guardian reported today that Anat Kam, 23, an Israeli journalist “has been under secret house arrest since December on charges that she leaked highly sensitive classified military documents that suggest the Israeli military breached a court order on assassinations in the occupied West Bank.”

Seemingly, in the ‘Jews only democracy’, people are put under house arrest even when they are trying to suggest a breach of the state’s High Court’s orders. (Even kosher citizens)

Anat Kam, 23, goes on trial in two weeks on treason and espionage charges and could face up to 14 years in jail. In the ‘democratic’ Jewish state, a court-imposed gagging order is preventing media coverage of the arrest and charges in Israel. I am left puzzled here as it seems Israelis can be prosecuted for reporting illegal activities.

A Haaretz leading journalist, Uri Blau, who has also been linked to the case, has had to escape Israel. He is now in London, apparently for fear he will be targeted for his reporting.

In November 2008, Blau reported in Haaretz that the IDF had been carrying out assassinations of Palestinian militants in the West Bank in contravention of an Israeli high court ruling, which said efforts should be made first to arrest suspected militants rather than assassinating them.

According to Blau the IDF chief General Gabi Ashkenazi allegedly approved the assassination operations. The Haaretz piece was accompanied by copies of military documents but it was approved by the military censor before publication.

I am here to suggest that if America still insists to ‘democratize the world’, it may have to start with its ‘best ally’. Time may also be ripe for Neocon British Foreign Secretary David Miliband who advocates ‘liberal interventionalism’, to face the fact that the Jewish state, the state that lists him as one of its Propaganda (Hasbara) authours, is no less than a Tyranny inspired by a deep Talmudic intolerance.

Indeed, Atzmon, despite being born a secular Jew, is considered to be anti-semitic, or a self-hating Jew. Obviously, words to silence these views of anti-Zionazism will never apply in Atzmon’s case, especially when these disgusting facts of Israel’s religious intolerance is revealed. Ask yourself; how is this different from the Middle Eastern sharia, which has been for so long beaten to death by the Western media?

Atzmon’s novels have been released in 22 different languages. The two of his works include A Guide to the Perplexed, originally written in Hebrew, and My One and Only Love, published in London. Both works are critical of Israel and have been republished in pro-Palestinian networks and studies such as al-Jazeera, CounterPunch, Middle East Online, Palestinian Think Tank, Uruknet, Media without a Considecne and Dissident Voice. A Guide to the Perplexed is set in the future in 2025 where Israel has been replaced by a Palestinian state for 40 years (it’s 2010 and there’s still no real sign of that happening until 2012, btw) and includes refrences like the Holocaust being used to stregnthen Zionist power.

Read more about Atzmon on the link above.


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