Palestine – Islamic Jihad to stop firing rockets into Israel

Islamic Jihad on Sunday announced that it would cease firing rockets into Israel, Channel 10 news reported.

An Islamic Jihad spokesman, Daoud Shihab, made the announcement in an interview on Islamic Jihad radio, during which he reportedly said the militant group, “stopped the rocket fire into Israel for internal Palestinian purposes – first and foremost to help end the siege on the Gaza Strip.”

According to the Channel 10 report, Shihab went on to say that Islamic Jihad does not intend to reverse this decision, but clarified that “if Israel once again attacks Gaza, no one will be able to prevent the resistance operatives from responding to the attacks.”


An anonymous Islamic Jihad official later denied the attacks would stop, according to Israel Radio.

A senior Egyptian official involved in brokering past truces between Gaza militant groups and Israel said in a statement that the Egyptians had on Sunday stepped up diplomatic pressure on both parties to reduce tensions in the coastal strip.

“Egypt has conducted extensive calls at the highest level with both Israel and the Palestinian factions to contain the escalating tension in the Gaza Strip in order to prevent a deterioration of the situation,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman Ayman Taha on Friday told the BBC that Hamas is working to curb rocket attacks against Israel by Gaza militants.

“The government in Gaza is in charge of the situation, and it does know clearly who launches rockets,” Taha told the BBC. “It is working hard to deter any faction from acting individually.”

Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshal to stop militants in the Gaza Strip from firing rockets against Israel.

Lavrov made his request in a telephone conversation, which, according to Russian news agencies, covered a variety of issues regarding the Middle East.

The Russian foreign minister told Meshal that the recent increase in rocket fire was unacceptable.

Meshal responded by reiterating Hamas’ declared stance that it was not interested in an escalation of tensions with Israel and would continue to try to maintain calm in the area.

However, days later, on Saturday, Meshal said that all options against Israel remain open, including war, according to Channel 10 news.

“We will do everything to obtain the rights stolen from us, including confrontation with the enemy,” said.

In before the retarded talkbackers of Haaretz says that the source is pro-terror / the ‘filthy dog dirty’ Arabs are lying.


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