Palestine – Palestinian filmmaker Mohammed Bakri is ill

We have recieved sad news that Palestinian actor and filmmaker Mohammed Bakri, born in Israel, has just suffered cardiac arrest. Apparently the Wikipedia page is yet to update. He is under intensive care!

Dear Friends and supporters:
We received news that the great Palestinian filmmaker Mohammad Bakri was transferred to the Rambam hospital in Haifa last night, after he suffered a severe heart attack on 31 March 2010, and was admitted immediately to the emergency department at the Rambam Health Care Hospital in Haifal for immediate treatment, where his condition was described as serious but stable. He underwent intensive examination to ascertain his condition. It is understood that he suffered the stroke while being interviewed about his forthcoming work for the Palestine Satellite Channel for a regular program and a variety of workshops about the conditions inside the Green Line. He was also preparing to work on a documentary about the life of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.

Mohammad Bakri, 57 years old, is one of our greatest Palestinian filmmakers. Born in the Palestinian village of Bi’ina in the Galilee in 1953, he went to elementary school in his hometown and received his secondary education in the nearby city of Acre. He studied acting and Arabic literature at Tel Aviv University in 1973 where he graduated two years later.

For those who don’t know him, let me tell you. Bakri is by far one of the best Palestinian filmmakers to direct about the I/P conflict. His work stretches out to one-man plays to professional filmography. He studied both Arabic and Hebrew to present his work to both sides.

The most controversial of his work is Jenin, Jenin, a film about the Israeli-covered Jenin massacre that happened during the Second Intifada. Fifty civilians were killed, and the IDF refused to let the press record or humintarian organizations to be let into the battle. Bakri did. His film rampaged on Israel’s atrocities under Adolf Sharon. Israelis claimed that the film was not a documentary and plain fiction. Bakri lost his case on the Israeli Film Board, who wanted to censor and ban it, but he was aquitted.

It was pretty much obvious that Israel was indeed suspicious of massacres. A huge majority still believe that there was indeed a massacre. Jenin, Jenin went on to win Best Film at Carthage International Film Festival. But Jenin, Jenin was not all. His work also included the films:

  • Private (2004)
  • The Olive Harvest (2001)
  • Haifi (1996)
  • Cup Final (1991)
  • Beyond the Walls (1984)
  • Hannah K (1983)

Plus much more. Bakri is indeed a talented filmmaker. The films above are all to do with the I/P conflict.

I send all my love, affection and consoldies to Bakri. May he survive for this dangerous conflict. It may be controversial, it may be attacked by the scum of the Earth, but it will prevail.


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