Israhell – Clinton warns Israel about difficult choices

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called on Israel to make “difficult but necessary choices” if it wants a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Mrs Clinton warned that the status quo was “unsustainable” in a speech to a pro-Israel lobby group.

Her comments come amid a dispute between the US and Israel over plans for 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out halting settlement construction in the city.

By this point I think Clinton is treating Israel like it’s some sort of innocent dog. Yes, I know I sound crazy, but seriously, isn’t it obvious? Why does she allow the creation of settlements if she wants peace between the Palestinians and Israhell? Not just Clinton but Netanyahu, too – really, that Israhelli PM needs to make some better choices or the Third Intifada is going to rise, and if Peres + Yahu knew the mayhem that causes half a decade ago, crushing the economy, making the media into an audience, then they really need to keep their acts up strait.


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