United Kingdom – “Israel did indeed use passport forgery”

God fuck the Mossad! I hope the UK put members who have thought to work there on their no fly list.


London, England (CNN) — There are “compelling reasons” to believe the Israeli government was responsible for forging British passports used in a plot to kill a Hamas leader in the United Arab Emirates earlier this year, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Tuesday.

The passports were “copied from genuine British passports” in a “highly sophisticated operation,” indicating a government was behind it, Miliband told the House of Commons.

Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency concluded that the 12 British people whose passports were cloned where “wholly innocent victims of identity theft,” the foreign secretary said.

Meanwhile, a British government source familiar with the situation told CNN Tuesday that Britain has expelled an Israeli diplomat in connection with the cloned passports, which are believed to have been used by suspects in the January killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

Obviously I’m not in favour of Hamas, but assassinations are completely unacceptable, just like when Israel assassinated Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin in 2004 and killed seven other civilians on the ground. It just seems like they being faggots in which their achievements seem to be distracted by the misfortunes in others. It’s a ploy.


One Response to United Kingdom – “Israel did indeed use passport forgery”

  1. the left view says:

    I thought we knew this? Anyway, fuck Israel.

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