UK – Arrest for peaceful anti-Israel protests

Yeah, this seems very biased, but it’s still shocking. Islam4UK =|= Muslim protestors, people! And the BNP call Muslims so multi-culturalized in Britain it’s a daily scene? They’re not being treated as immigrants?

Can you imagine police conducting dawn raids on houses in London, handcuffing everybody and preventing women from putting on their clothes as they seek to arrest teenagers who took part in anti-Israel demonstrations? Is it right to ruin the life of a young person from a decent family with a promising future as a professional by imposing a severe prison sentence for the ‘crime’ of expressing anger once in a way that hurt nobody, just to make an example of him, thus deterring others from expressing themselves? This is what happened to several British students who took part in Gaza demonstrations more than a year ago. Already 22 have been sentenced and 56 more are awaiting sentencing in a west London court, mainly because they are Muslims of Arab origin.

The British daily The Guardian published an extremely disturbing two-page report on March 13. The accounts of those concerned are really horrific and, if true, they reveal racism that can’t be justified. It seems a sizeable chunk of British society has been singled out and persecuted, undermining the basic values of freedom Britons cherish.


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