Rachel Corrie – Seventh anniversary since her death. Rest in peace.

Totally a terrorist!

Today (actually, yesterday) is (was) the seventh anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American activist who, during the Second Intifada, got killed by the IDF.

For you who don’t know the story, Corrie was a member of the International Solidarity Movement, a left-wing pro-Palestinian group who protested for the Palestinians in non-violent ways. In the eyes of Israel, these are Hamas members. To the eyes of the sane man, these were peaceful people who showed the true aggression of Israel. See; demolishing buildings. Ironically seven years before Israel’s plans to demolish EJ homes, in 2003, Rachel Corrie travelled to Gazan refugee camp to protest. The bulldozer was about to run over a pharmacist’s home. Corrie stood there, Tank Man style. Unlike previous attempts, though, the bulldozer, owned by the IDF, ran her over.

Since then, Rachel Corrie has been one the most significant figures in the I/P conflict. Many anti-Israel protestors and Palestinians alike see her as a matyr, and she definetly is, like James Miller (see more about this Welsh filmmaker). Israel’s excuse? A human shield. What the fuck?
She is also in a controversy were she burned the American and Israeli flag, which, for some reason, means this brave woman deserved to die. What the hell kind of logic is this?

Her parents have took Caterpillar Inc, who sent Israel the tank, in court. It has been delayed constinantly but now, it is time to face justice. Cindy and Craig Corrie have taken Caterpillar to court in 10/03/10. It is ongoing and currently in Haifa. Her parents also made the Rachel Corrie Foundation: http://rachelcorriefoundation.org/

Rest in peace, Rachel Corrie. We will miss you. We will never forget you. You are a symbol, a matyr, a great force that, one day; one day in this brutal life from Israel and the United States that has stomped onto the great faces of Palestine, constantly fueled by terror, and the foundations of Zionism and extemist Judaism, will finally have that stomp lifted up from the ground, and into the mountains of peace.


2 Responses to Rachel Corrie – Seventh anniversary since her death. Rest in peace.

  1. Rest in Peace says:

    We will miss you.

  2. Rest in Peace says:

    You are ignorant, it takes stregnth to fight out there in a world were destruction and nazism is taking place.

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