Free-Opinion: Ugly, Ugly Website

Take a look at that website. It is fail. Bots are voting Israel every day, and it is clearly owned and voted by Republicans. The people talk as if they just discovered the internet. It surprises me how the youth are so liberal yet it’s the conservatives with the childish behavior. Take a look at this:

MSNBC & CNN were my news networks of choice for years until about 8 years ago I discovered FNC. I was amazed at the way they reported the news….it was a breath of fresh air! It was the fairest & most unbiased news reporting I had heard in years & have been a staunch supporter from that point on. Though they are bashed by the White House & the far left for doing so, they report events that you never hear on the other networks & they report the events with accuracy! They report, you decide!

I remain mystified as to why Palestinians need such an inappropriate slogan as, \”Free Palestine.\” Free them from what? Surely some Palestinian can come up with something that fits. To me, this just symbolizes the unreality of all their claims.

u guys haven’t heard of 911 haven’t ya!!!!!!!!!! fuckin fagets, muslims are evil

Antisemitic swines jump with joy every time when they see Jews being killed or threatened in Israel or elsewhere. Apparently, they don\’t feel like enough Jewish blood was already spilt in Europe and repeat rubbish after this Iranian monkey. Blinded by their antisemitic hate, they cannot c what would have happened to them, if Israel was not there. Islamo-fascism is on the rise and u r all next on their menu! Can\’t u get it? Jews and Israel r only natural allies of yr dying doomed civilizati

The photograph is of a Fatah child buried by the Hamas to take revenge. Palestinian inner fighting is known for its brutality. I vote for Israelis not for Palestinians dancing when Jewish children blown up, or when Bin Laden murdered over 3000 innocents in 9-11

Islam is a religion of evil and hatred, it\\\’s a cancerous growth on the body of the humanity. Go USA, go Israel, donkey-f#ckers – suxx.

Immaturity at its finest. Get the centrist jacket while you enter.


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