Palestine – Restrictions lifted to reduce violence

Hooray for Israel. For once. Israel has realised all the shit going on, and, to avoid a Third Intifada, has lifted restrictions on Palestine, including al-Aqsa, where youths were banned from praying there.

ERUSALEM – Israel on Wednesday lifted its tight restrictions on Palestinian access to Jerusalem’s holiest shrine and called off an extended West Bank closure after days of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces.Despite moving to end the lockdown, Israel still kept thousands of police officers on alert as an uneasy calm settled over the holy city.

The recent violence has taken place against a backdrop of deep Palestinian frustration over a yearlong standstill in peace talks and dovetailed with the worst U.S.-Israeli diplomatic feud in decades.

Well done, Israel – now free the state to prevent ravid terrorist nationals and get rid of your stupid blockade wall and then we can deal with you correctly.


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