Pakistan – Americans arrested for terrorist plans, irony meter explodes

Okay, to be honest, I don’t really like Pakistan. I’m sorry, but it’s full of corruption and notwhat. And why do they want to attack India? India is awesome. Anyway, my irony meter exploded when American terrorists (previously an oxymoron for some) were arrested for plans to contact terrorist groups like al-Queda.

Five young Americans held in Pakistan on suspicion of plotting attacks have been indicted on terrorism charges, their lawyer has said.

The five men, aged 18 to 25, denied the charges at a court in a jail in the eastern city of Sargodha.

They were arrested in the city in December on suspicion of trying to contact al-Qaeda-linked groups.

The five face life imprisonment if found guilty. Pakistan earlier barred their deportation to the US.

America: a country of freedom and anti-terrorism. Except if they are the terrorists, but that’s okay, they’re American.


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